The Department of the Army, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Army Geospatial Center’s Training and Leader Development Research, Development, Studies and Analysis for Army Future Forces (TRAIN II) contract has been established on behalf of the U.S. Army Research Institute for the Behavioral and Social Sciences. The ARI is one of the lead research institutes for training, leader development, soldier research and development. They handle survey research and occupational analysis. ARI provides the Army with technical expertise and analytical support, along with decision making techniques for soldiers and leaders. ARI keeps track of information on soldier and leader attitudes and concerns. The employees range from research psychologists, to those with a Ph.D., military officers, and graduate students acting as research assistants. TRAIN II is a $30M vehicle that allows the Army to procure personnel, materials, equipment, facilities, and other supplies and non-personal services necessary to conduct research and analysis for the ARI. This includes training oriented toward current capabilities and training oriented toward new warfighting technologies.