Training Support

SNAP is committed to designing, developing, updating, and implementing distributed distance learning (DL) content to our customers to provide the BEST training available to better support their missions and objectives. We have an experienced management team, streamlined methodologies, and proven performance to make this a reality. The key to our methodology is our integrated product team (IPT) approach, comprised of SNAP management and team members, customer stakeholders, governance, doctrine, and contracting representatives. We involve and engage our customers to cultivate growth, manage change, and ensure quality through collaboration with our highly qualified training staff. We design, update, revise, develop, test, and field synchronous and asynchronous instructional hours of Interactive Multimedia Instruction (IMI) ranging from Levels 1-4. SNAP utilizes our proprietary Courseware Engineering Process (CEP) methodology to rapidly generate and update quality learning content and manage team efforts. In this approach, all SNAP team members are familiar with the CEP methodology because it includes elements of familiar and standard methodology for the purpose of courseware development, updates, revisions, and delivery of customized learning solutions. Our CEP incorporates core customer processes and regulations and implements the Instructional Systems Design (ISD)/Systems Approach to Training (SAT)/Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation (ADDIE) processes along with Software Development Specifications to ensure our customers receive mission-focused, task-based, hard- and soft-skill quality training and education.